First off, welcome to Pagan Devotionals.

This blog was created because there simply isn’t a lot of devotional material gathered in any one place for Pagans.  Nor is there very much writing on devotional practices within the Pagan community, and what writing there is, is pretty scattered across the net and often confined to specific traditions, and sometimes difficult for people not familiar with a particular path or tradition to find.

I am hoping that I can have your help in creating a bank of prayers, hymns, myths, artwork, video clips, poems, stories, etc that speak from the soul about what it means to be Pagan–whether it be from a hard polytheist and/or reconstructionist standpoint or a pantheistic eclectic one (and everything in between).  Feel free to email submissions–either items from the public domain, or ones that are applicable under fair use standards, or your own (full credit and links to personal sites will be given).

Also, I am hoping to create a good book list of print devotionals or prayer books (which will be its own page in the top bar), as well as a list of links of articles and posts concerning personal devotional practices.  If you have any recommendations, please let me know!

While we may be on separate paths, with differing ways of experiencing divinity, there is no reason that we can’t learn from one another and grow together…even if it is in different directions.



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