In Honor of Seshat

Temple of Athena the Savior

In Honor of Seshat

by Amanda Sioux Blake


I sing now in honor of Seshat, All-seeing Goddess

The female scribe, inventor of writing, stylus in hand
She Who records


Since the beginning of the Universe, unto its end.


Lady of Builders, to Whose ears the pounding of hammers is as sweet music

The Engineer’s Goddess, Who inspired the architects of old Aiegyptos,

To build the great pyramids in the Valley of the Kings

Through which they achieved immortality

Goddess of architecture, of structures long standing

Of firm foundations and ancient stones


Numbering Goddess, Lady of Mathematics

Calculating Goddess, Lady of Measurements

Lady of education in all forms

Friend of Neith and my Goddess head-born Athene

Three Goddesses of scholars, of the marble halls of learning

Lady of the House of Books, Holy Librarian,

Record-keeper of the Gods, wife of wise Thoth


I offer this song…

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