birth of a priestess

…It happens over centuries, and lifetimes, and births and deaths and rebirths.

But it only takes one second for the priestess to be born.

It begins every time one feels herself pregnant with something.

She is at once a warrior of the undercurrent, a wilderess.

An ancestress of tomorrow.

A prodigress of love.

She vibrates,

For she is a woman pregnant with spirit….

read the rest of the poem by samantha shay


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Occasionally doting wife, damn proud momma of two adorable children, veteran of the United States Navy, semi-steampunk bohemian beach addict from middle America, Civil War reenactor and Victorian natural history aficionado, canoeing and kayaking and paddleboarding fanatic, Unitarian Universalist and pantheistic Pagan, devotee of various aquatic deities, and practitioner of bioregional witchery View all posts by thalassa

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