The Song of the Nereids

….because, Nerieds

The Mermaid Muse


The fifty fair daughters of the sea,

Their voices so sweet sing to me.

Beautiful creatures of dancing waves,

Living in the deep silver caves


Hippothoe rider of the swift horse;

Doto keeps ships on their course.

Pasithea like her name is all-divine;

Halimede is the lady of the brine.

Amathia preens her lovely hair;

Cymatolege has charms to still the air.

Evarne a figure of perfect grace;

Amphithoe makes the swift current race.

Limnoreia reigns in all salt-marsh;

Orithyria makes her seas rage harsh.


Amphitrite is Poseidon’s fair wife;

Sao will save a sailors life.

Autonoe is strong and free of will;

Cymodoce whispers the waves to still.

Dynamene holds the power of the seas,

Plexaure is of the twisting breeze.

Nemertes gives counsel that is wise;

Calypso remains hidden from men’s eyes.

Ceto watches sea-monster roam;

Galatea dances in the milky foam.


Cymothoe is…

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