Children’s Meditations: The Year of a Leaf

Not just for kidlets…

bay witch musings

Year of the Leaf Meditation:

Close your eyes and imagine yourself getting very, very small.  Very, very small, and all curled up, waiting for something.

The smaller you get, the more squished you get, and you start to turn green.  The greener you become, the smaller you get, until you are the size of a pea, perched high up in the air…until you are a small, green leaf, curled up into a tiny bud on the top branch of a tall oak tree. 

The air is cold, and you shiver in the icy breeze of winter, in the rain and snow…but as the days go by, you feel the sun growing stronger and stronger, as the light shines on you just a little bit longer.

You rest, tiny and green, curled up on your branch, inside of your bud, waiting for the sign that the time is right.

The day…

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