…We have dreamed the world

It is hazardous to think that a coordination of words (philosophies are nothing else) can have much resemblance to the universe. It is also hazardous to think that one of these famous coordinations does not resemble it a little more than the others, even in an infinitesimal way.

I have examined those that enjoy a certain prestige.  I would even assert that the only one in which I recognize some vestige of the universe is that formulated by Schopenhauer. According to his doctrine, the world is a fabrication of the will. Art – always – requires visible unrealities. Let me cite but one example: the metaphorical or rhythmical or studiedly casual diction of the characters in a play.

Let us admit what all idealists admit: that the nature of the world is hallucinatory. Let us do what no idealist has done: let us look for the unrealities that confirm that nature. We shall find them, I believe, in the antinomies of Kant and in Zeno’s dialectic.

“The greatest sorcerer [writes Novalis memorably] would be the one who bewitched himself to the point of taking his own phantasmagorias for autonomous apparitions. Would this not be true of us?”

I believe that it is. We (the undivided divinity that operates within us) have dreamed the world. We have dreamed it strong, mysterious, visible, ubiquitous in space and secure in time; but we have allowed tenuous, eternal interstices of injustice in its structure so we may know that it is false.

Jorge Luis Borges
Avatars of the Tortoise
Other Inquisitions, 1937 – 1952


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