Fix society. Please.

as a mother, this breaks my heart–that a child wasn’t love for the person they were born to be…let this serve as a reminder that we need to be conscious of the pain that our children (and their peers, and for that matter, our peers) carry every day, and that we should always be thinking about how we contribute to the status quo, when the status quo is belitting to their humanity…

Pagan Activist

After the death of their 17 year old daughter, Leelah Alcorn’s parents sought to and succeeded in removing her suicide note from her tumblr where she posted it before her death.  It’s been shared elsewhere, but I wanted to give it a home here, too.  Leelah wasn’t Pagan, but her demand that we “fix society” transcends religions.  May her story be shared far and wide; what is remembered never truly dies.

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