The Magic of Repetition

Greenwoman Studio

In the early days of my pagan studies, I attended a workshop on chanting at a Dianic Temple in Portland. We practiced with a beautiful chant to Tara; and though I have not worked with Tara since, what I learned from the chant has stayed with me. The leader of the workshop talked about the importance of repetition as part of the magic or power of the chant. She explained that repeating the chant over and over is a transformative act. When we begin, she explained, the chant feels new. We are learning the words and melody and appreciating their beauty. After a while, however, repeating the line over and over again becomes boring. A little longer, and it begins to sound like nonsense, like senseless babble. This is where it becomes truly tempting to stop; where we might begin to feel foolish. But if we can keep going through…

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