Orphic Hymn to Gaia

To Gaia,

(fumigation from every kind of Seed, except beans and aromatics)

O mother Gaia,
of Gods and men the source,
endured with fertile,
all-destroying force;

all-parent, bounding,
whose prolific powers
produce a store of beauteous
fruits and flowers.

All-various maid,
the immortal world’s strong base,
eternal, blessed,
crowned with every grace;

from whose wide womb
as from an endless root,
fruits many-formed,
mature, and grateful shoot.

Deep-bosomed, blessed,
pleased with grassy plains,
sweet to the smell,
and with prolific rains.

All-flowery Daimon,
centre of the world,
around thy orb the beauteous stars
are hurled

with rapid whirl,
eternal and divine,
whose frames with matchless skill
and wisdom shine.

Come, blessed Goddess,
listen to my prayer,
and make increase of fruits
thy constant care;

with fertile Horai*
in thy train draw near,
and with propitious mind
thy suppliants hear.

*Horai–goddesses of the Seasons


About thalassa

Occasionally doting wife, damn proud momma of two adorable children, veteran of the United States Navy, semi-steampunk bohemian beach addict from middle America, Civil War reenactor and Victorian natural history aficionado, canoeing and kayaking and paddleboarding fanatic, Unitarian Universalist and pantheistic Pagan, devotee of various aquatic deities, and practitioner of bioregional witchery View all posts by thalassa

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