The Skills of Nature Connection – a Discussion


>>reclaiming the wild<<

A few days back, this post was published over at Nature Is Sacred, and I just wanted to discuss how these eight principles could be applied to everyday sustainable living.

1) Sense Meditation – This is meditating outside using all of our senses – what do we see, what do we hear, what do we feel, what do we smell, what do we taste? Focusing on being fully present and aware in the moment. Relax and focus on your breath. Look around you – both in the distance and close up. Take in the whole scene, then focus on specific aspects in detail. Pick up and touch the things around you. Feel the ground underneath you. Feel the wind on your face. Feel each part of your body. Smell the flowers. Smell the wind. Taste the rain. Listen to the birds, the wind in the trees, the children playing, the…

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