HELP WANTED: Put your vacuum to good use!

I’ve been a bit lax on posting lately…but I thought I’d reblog this in the mean time. It’s easy, and its for a good cause!

bay witch musings

unclesam I have an unusual request. I am counting on you, gentlereader of the great wide interwebz, to fulfill it. All you need to do a good deed is the internet, a camera (or camera phone), and a vacuum. It is easy, and painless, its simple, and it will make you awesome.

Let me back up a bit (I can imagine you now, scratching your head in befuddlement–I know I would be).  I have a friend (yes, really, I actually have a friend or two) from my time in the Navy (she’s pretty awesome), and my friend has an autistic nephew who loves vacuums.  Adores them. Watches vacuum cleaner infomercials like they are Saturday comics, and loves pictures of vacuums.

I don’t know a whole lot about autism, but I am becoming quite familiar with OCD (off topic, but Sharkbait’s ADHD diagnosis was expanded a bit at his last appointment)…so…

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