autumn poem

The leaves…










Gusted by the wind as it journeys through the valley




As though they were naught but the small joys of autumn

making itself known to the world.


Vibrant and fragrant,

They rustle and mingle with the crisp air


(as leaves are wont to do)


Swirling in an eddy of tinkling bells, tiny laughter, or tremulous solemn tears

(which it is, we’ll never know.)


By K. Doyon, circa. 2012


About kateeleigh

I'm not the greatest at this whole social media thing. I like face-to-face interactions. Phone calls, texts, random cups of tea. I work in some of Canada's most remote places, and I'm having a (not-so) secret love affair with my camera, who goes everywhere with me. When I'm not running away to the great outdoors, I like to read, play video games, and find the myriad ways I can annoy my cat. I'm the author and photographer at and I'm a contributor to Thalassa's Pagan Devotionals over at Welcome to my world. Won't you sit down with a cup of tea and stay a while? View all posts by kateeleigh

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