Walking with the Green Man


Stone of Destiny

The world is dying.

It’s okay.  It needs to.

Everything dies, and eventually, is born again.

In my particular patch of the world the earliest signs have been visible for the last several weeks.  The Summer blossoms are failing, few more leaves crunch underfoot, and there is a certain crispness to the air in the early mornings.

Looking at the calendar (does anyone look at calendars anymore), we will see that the Autumn Equinox is set for the end of this week.  By the calculations of the modern calendar, the Sun’s passage through the celestial equator marks the beginning of the Autumn season.

Yeah well, I’ve always thought that the modern calendar was a bit of an idiot.

Our ancestors would have told us that the Equinox is the very height of Autumn – the apex of the harvest season, which began back in August with the Celtic…

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Occasionally doting wife, damn proud momma of two adorable children, veteran of the United States Navy, semi-steampunk bohemian beach addict from middle America, Civil War reenactor and Victorian natural history aficionado, canoeing and kayaking and paddleboarding fanatic, Unitarian Universalist and pantheistic Pagan, devotee of various aquatic deities, and practitioner of bioregional witchery View all posts by thalassa

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