Quotes, an excerpt from my journal

April 25, 2012: 

“It made us realize that, like the perpetually grazing sheep, centuries of human habitation have nibbled away not only at the earth but at our perception of what constitutes nature.  When we do not miss what is absent because we have never known it to be there, we will have lost our baseline for recognizing what is truly wild.  In its domestication, nature will have become just another human fabrication.” Rowing to Latitude, Jill Fredston

April 29, 2012:

But I was in church.  Nature is my religion, and riding [a bicycle] is how I pray. 

June 5, 2012: 

“Pride they have in the service of Naamah; pride and passion.  I do not belittle these things, nor begrudge them coin and glory.  But the heart of the matter is love.  There are a thousand reasons why Naamah chose to lie with strangers, to give and receive pleasure as she did.  Devotion, greed, modesty, perfection, solace, genius, atonement, mastery, desire…” she named the attributes of the Thirteen Houses.  “All of them are true, but the chiefest among them is love.  Always love.” Kushiel’s Avatar, PG 38-39


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I'm not the greatest at this whole social media thing. I like face-to-face interactions. Phone calls, texts, random cups of tea. I work in some of Canada's most remote places, and I'm having a (not-so) secret love affair with my camera, who goes everywhere with me. When I'm not running away to the great outdoors, I like to read, play video games, and find the myriad ways I can annoy my cat. I'm the author and photographer at http://photomemoires.wordpress.com/ and I'm a contributor to Thalassa's Pagan Devotionals over at https://lectiodivinapaganus.wordpress.com/ Welcome to my world. Won't you sit down with a cup of tea and stay a while? View all posts by kateeleigh

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