Beliefs, an excerpt from my journal

I’ve been going through my old journals (the few that I’ve actually written), in an attempt at seeing who I was, and how I’ve changed.  I’ve got some stuff in there, though, that I thought would be appropriate for the site.  Over the next little while, I’ll be posting excerpts.

April 19, 2012: 

“I believe in eating well.  

I believe in love.  

I believe in sunrises, and sunsets, and feeling good.  

I believe in Salomon shoes, drinking wine at night, and I believe that taking care of plants, animals, and humans makes me happy.  

I believe in wishing upon a star, in owls as being omens, and that waking up before dawn as being crucial to my sanity.  

I believe in tea.  

I believe in nudity, not shaving, and not shampooing.

I believe my soul is nomadic, and I’m doomed to spend my days traveling the world.  

I believe in abortion, gender equality, and same sex rights.  

I believe in beauty being tangible proof of the divine that rests in each of us.

 I believe in pebbles.  

I believe my body belongs to the Earth, and my heart belongs to the Sea.  

I believe in staying childish.  

I believe in unicorns.  

I believe in myself (sometimes).”


About kateeleigh

I'm not the greatest at this whole social media thing. I like face-to-face interactions. Phone calls, texts, random cups of tea. I work in some of Canada's most remote places, and I'm having a (not-so) secret love affair with my camera, who goes everywhere with me. When I'm not running away to the great outdoors, I like to read, play video games, and find the myriad ways I can annoy my cat. I'm the author and photographer at and I'm a contributor to Thalassa's Pagan Devotionals over at Welcome to my world. Won't you sit down with a cup of tea and stay a while? View all posts by kateeleigh

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