I firmly agree “That is the most Pagan thing I have ever read, and pretty much the entire thing that inspired me and has mostly influenced my ideas on spirituality, life, death, poetry, and everything.” Ginsburg rocks.

Pixiecraft: Adventures of Magick and Devotion

Okay so I’m a Pagan – there aren’t “saints” per say but I incorporate the idea of “saints” into my practice.  That’s what a theology degree will get you I guess – eclecticism and the license to make shit up where it suits you.  Saints in the Christian tradition are people who are held up as especially virtuous and to be emulated in some ways… for me, Allen Ginsberg fills this role.  He is on my ancestors altar.  He is an example to me, both his work and his life.

Ginsberg and the Beats in general are associated with Buddhism mostly.  However, Ginsberg had a spiritual evolution in his lifetime from Judaism to Hinduism and finally to Tibetan Buddhism.  It’s not just his passion and ideas that I admire, it’s his ability to change and shift perspectives, incorporate new practices, and at the same time to maintain his voice over time…

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