Effing *fabulous*


I had just gotten on a plane when it was announced that there were mechanical problems, and we had to switch to a different one. On the new plane, I now sat next to a large man who was reading his Bible. When flight attendants walked by, he dropped slips of paper with Biblical quotes into their pockets. I tried to hold the book I was reading slightly between us, hoping it would act as a shield to keep him away. It didn’t. He kept “accidentally” jostling me, then apologizing, clearly waiting to use my acknowledgement of his apology as a foot in the door toward saving my soul. When that didn’t work, he finally grasped me knee and asked, earnestly, “Do you know why God made a mechanical error on the other plane? It was so the seating arrangement could be rearranged. And do you know why He did…

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Occasionally doting wife, damn proud momma of two adorable children, veteran of the United States Navy, semi-steampunk bohemian beach addict from middle America, Civil War reenactor and Victorian natural history aficionado, canoeing and kayaking and paddleboarding fanatic, Unitarian Universalist and pantheistic Pagan, devotee of various aquatic deities, and practitioner of bioregional witchery View all posts by thalassa

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