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I little while ago, I came across this guest post by Molly Remer at Feminism and Religion on theapoetics.  Molly blogs at on theaology and theapoetics.  Molly describes theapoetics as a three-step process:

“Drawing directly from David Miller’s (a student of Hopper) three-fold conception of “theopoiesis,” I offer this similar three-fold understanding of theapoetics:

  1. Stepping back—moving away from the classic blinders of Western understandings and theological or intellectual or theoretical constraints and becoming clear and open to the magic unfolding right in front of our eyes.
  2. Stepping down—“in which the individual enters the darkness of mystery and is unable to construct meaning because the familiar tools of theology and metaphysics are no longer available” (Keefe-Perry)
  3.  Stepping through—emerging from the dark confusion and ineffability into a “re-poetizing of existence.”  (Keefe-Perry)”

I found this intriguing, so I looked up Miller’s formulation of this three-step process and…

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