A hunger to understand the stories of 9/11: Steve Rosenbaum reflects

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Last year at TED, Steve Rosenbaum shared this look inside the yet-to-open 9/11 Museum, filled with artifacts and stories from the people in the Twin Towers — the tower workers, the rescue teams, steelworkers, first responders, clean-up crews. The museum will be a powerful way to tell the stories from the attacks, and answer questions for a generation shaped by these events. As the Freedom tower rises on the site, the museum continues to develop below ground. But it has not yet opened; up to last night, there was a political stalemate around whether it would open at all and when. But on the evening of Sept. 10, an agreement was reached, and the project will move forward.

This morning, Rosenbaum sends this update and photo:

“I’m standing at the WTC site, with families, and with the memorial pools to my right and left. But underneath the plaza, the…

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