The Womb of Stars

The womb of stars embraces us;
remnants of their firey furnaces
pulse through our veins.

We are of the stars,
the dust of the explosions
cast across space.

We are of the earth:
we breathe and live in the breath
of ancient plants and beasts.

Their cells nourish the soils;
we build our communities
on their harvest of gifts

Our fingers trace the curves
carved in clay and stone
by forebears unknown to us

We are a part
of the great circle of humanity
gathered around the fire, the hearth, the altar.

We gather anew this day
to celebrate our common heritage.

May we recall in gratitude
all that has given us birth.

From Singing the Living Tradition, the Unitarian Universalist Association Hymnal, reading number 445 by Joy Atkinson. If read in a group setting, the italicized parts are meant to be read as a response by the group as a whole.

This is probably one of my favorite readings in the UU tradition…it could be the degree in biology, or it could be that my idea of ancestry is much greater than direct decendency or genetic lineage…either way, I think there is something profound and beautiful about our place in the cosmos.

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