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The Allergic Pagan

For May Day, I usually take my family to the CUUPs celebration at the UU Church where we dance around a maypole.  I also wrote a mini-ritual for my family, called “Jesus and the Goddess”.  Since my wife is Christian and my son identifies as Christian, it makes sense to find ways to incorporate Christian themes into our Neopagan celebrations.  I came up with this idea after reading a small book called Jesus and the Goddess by Carl McColman.  In the ritual, the children of God and the Goddess, Jesus and Magdala share three gifts with each other and with their parents.  The gifts remind them that they have more in common than they had thought.  I hope you enjoy it.

The Story of Jesus and the Goddess

Father:   This is just one story about the Goddess and the God.  There are many stories, all of them a little bit…

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